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We are entering the conceptual age, where new ideas and innovation are just as critical as data and information. It is also a tech company no kidding , full of engineers, developers, coders and others who may not always get characterized by big-picture, abstract thinking.

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In addition, Google is consistently ranked amongst the best places in the world to work. I want to focus on one specific initiative that is groundbreaking…and goes against everything you think about in terms of business success.

Are they getting things done as efficiently as possible? This is where thinking needs to be reframed.

The Artistic Nature of a Conceptual Thinker

Google gives free reign to engineers, marketers, experience designers and developers to create new ideas those employees are passionate about. This is such a cool idea that our company recently created a similar initiative with our marketing and sales teams. No strings attached. It is completely separate from typical tasks and projects occupy our work day.

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And we give every person 4 hours during their week to think about, create, research and explore their topic. What's fascinating is that he ran a financial company, not an advertising agency. Blanchard told me: "Creativity is not a department. It is a trait that we encourage in everybody. Communicating that personal tendency--and vision--of his required him to link creativity and conceptual thinking with his workforce.

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As a leader, communicating conceptually in this way raises the bar. Many leaders I've worked with are very analytical and structural.

That kind of left-brain thinking is likely what got them where they are and it has been a gift. The good news is that every leader also has the capacity for conceptual big-picture thinking. You just need to learn how to pay attention to your intuitive thoughts. Don't instantly analyze creative thoughts or over-process.

Experiment with new ways of ideating.

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Make it a point to bring all employee ideas to the surface, just be sure they fall within your vision. Ask provocative questions. Tap into team members who already think conceptually, and bring out the conceptual tendencies of your entire team. Push the envelope.

If you have a new idea or process, consider what could bring it to even another level.