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Professional C starts by reviewing the overall architecture of. NET in Chapter 1 in order to give you the background you need to be able to write managed code. After that the book is divided into a number of sections that cover both the C language and its application in a variety of areas. This section doesn't presume knowledge of any particular language, although it does assume you are an experienced programmer. You start by looking at C 's basic syntax and data types, and then explore the object-oriented features of C before moving on to look at more advanced C programming topics.

The two chapters in this section look at the best way to use the tool to build applications based upon either the. NET Framework 2. In addition to this, this section also focuses on the deployment of your projects. NET environment. In particular, you look at security, threading localization, transactions, how to build Windows services, and how to generate your own libraries as assemblies.

This part also extensively covers support in. Part V: Presentation focuses on building classic Windows applications, which are called Windows Forms in. NET to provide a new framework for programming on the Windows ; platform.

This comprehensive reference prepares you to program in C , while at the same time providing the necessary background in how the. NET architecture works. In this all-new third edition, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of C and find updated coverage of application deployment and globalization.

NET Framework on the fly. Author Ron Jeffries, a leading voice and practitioner in the extreme programming movement, demonstrates how to apply its key concepts—including the use of customer stories, customer acceptance tests, and "Spikes"—and the fundamental techniques of Simple Design, Test-Driven Development, and Refactoring to create practical,.

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NET-ready applications. C and VB. NET and vice versa.

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Differences between the two languages occur in three main areas: syntax, object-oriented principles, and the Visual Studio. This comprehensive yet approachable guide to object oriented programming using UML and today's hottest programming language, which is C. This new programming language is fast and modern and was designed to increase programmer productivity.

C enables programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the new Microsoft. NET Database Programming is best for you if you are developing database driven web site. Inside Asp.

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Expert One-on-One Visual Basic. NET Business Objects will show you the kinds of opportunities that. NET makes available.

It will allow you to make clear, informed decisions about the right way to develop your projects, and show you how the trade-off between performance and flexibility can be made successfully. PassWord: www. The Book of Visual Studio. NET : 4. The most commonly-used parts of the class library are also covered. For any queries regarding this web site or to contribute to this site mail me at Admin ProgrammerWorld. NET If you wants to put your site link on this site or make any bussiness relation with this site feel free to mail me.

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This Site. Source Code. Free online Books. Dot Net Section. About Myself. NET 3. NET for the first time or you're already writing applications on. NET 2. NET 1. This new edition includes extensive use of Visual Studio 's new visual programming tools that tremendously reduce the amount of code programmers need to write in ADO. NET applications. It provides examples of applications that use a variety of related technologies, including database access, dynamic web pages, advanced graphics, and directory access. And this Practical Guide is precisely what youre after.

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Written by a team that boasts extensive experience teaching C to professionals, this book provides a practical, efficient explanation of the language itself, covering basic to advanced features and calling out all thats new in 2. Its instruction is always firmly situated within the context of the. NET framework and bolstered by code examples, key lessons in object-oriented programming, and installments of a realistic application programming tutorial.

Concise and incisive, this is the best way to master the worlds fastest-growing and most marketable programming language. NET developers and application architects. The material is presented in a "what, why, where, and how" format, so it's easy to understand a given topic and apply the solution.

The format facilitates fast understanding and quick reference, just what you need when you're under pressure. The book clearly presents material for beginners and experts and provides contrasts and comparisons between C and other languages. The C language is covered comprehensively and each important construct is illustrated with succinct code examples. You'll find suggestions for further experimentation, links to on-line documentation, plus practical notes and warnings.

The book also tells developers how to acquire, install and configure Visual Studio.

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NET Are you a coder to the core? Learn what C 2. NET development for both the current version of. NET version 1. NET due out in late version 2. This is the only book that will include full coverage of C 2. NET development is as much about understanding the functionality of the. NET Framework as it is about the syntax and grammar of your chosen language. This book meets your need for fast, effective solutions to the difficulties you encounter in your coding projects.

Written for the entry-level, non-professional programmer, the book assumes no prior programming or scripting experience. The changes found in C 2. With expertly crafted explanations, insider tips, and hundreds of examples, this book fully explains every aspect of C 2. This self-teaching guide comes complete with key points, background information, quizzes at the end of each chapter, and even a final exam.

NET facilitate the development of a new generation of database applications, including remote applications that run on the Web. Mastering C Database Programming is the resource you need to thrive in this new world. Assuming no prior experience with database programming, this book teaches you every aspect of the craft, from GUI design to server development to middle-tier implementation. NET all the more quickly. Featuring a full working edition of the software, this fun and highly visual guide walks you through a complete programming project—a desktop weather-reporting application—from start to finish.

This book will benefit you! Therefore, while the VB.