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Spiritual Motivation in Management.

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Spirituality and Human Ecosystems. Loyalty and the Sense of Place. Learning and Spirituality. Beyond the Prose of Business. The Economy of Sharing. Spirituality as Faith in Relation to Management. Organizational Transformation Through Human Values. Spiritual-Based Leadership. The Impact of Spirituality in Management. Taking Spirituality Seriously. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The book - which was originally published by Kluwer in - is a collection of scholarly papers focusing on the role of spirituality and ethics in renewing the contemporary management praxis.

The Nazars were a sect of Adepts, very ancient existing ages before Christ. It is therefore safe to come to the following conclusions 1. That there :. It was he who was the contemporary Kaianian princes, and the Compiler of Vendidad, the of Vistdsp, the last of the Commentaries upon which are lost, there remaining now but the dead letter. Some of the facts given in the Secret Records, though to the exact scholar merely traditional, are very interesting.

They are to the effect that there exists a certain hollow rock full of tablets in a gigantic cave bearing the name of the first Zarathust under his Magian appellation, and that the tablets may yet be rescued some day. This cave with its rock and tablets and its many inscriptionson the walls is situated at the summit of one of the peaks of the Thian Shan mountains, far beyond their junction with the Belor Tagh, some where along their Eastern Course. One of the half-pictorial and half- written prophecies and teachings attributed to Zarathust himself, relates to that deluge which has transformed an inland sea into the dreary desert called Shamo or Gobi Desert.

It matters little whether this information is accepted or rejected. Since the rejection of it would not make the other hypothesis more trustworthy, it may just as well be mentioned here. Mysteries see treatise Nazir in the Talmud.

Spirituality and Ethics in Management

In Babylon they had learned to worship the Seven-Rayed God. And so we find running all throughout the Christian as well as the Jewish Scriptures, the septenary system, which culminates in the Book of Revelation the final pamphlet of the Bible , in the Heptaktis, and a prophecy of the coming of the Persian Sosiant under the figure of the Christian Messiah, riding, like the former, upon a white horse. By the Jewish sect of the Pharisees, whose great teacher was whole angelology and symbolism of the Zoroastrians Hillel, the were accepted, and infused into Jewish thought ; and their Hebrew Kabalah, or secret book of Occult Wisdom, was the offspring of the Chaldean Kabalah.

This deathless work isthe receptacle of all the ancient lore of Chaldea, Persia, Media, Bactria, and the pre-Iranian period. The name by which students in the secret lodges of the Jewish Pharisees its. Zoroastrianism and Magianism proper were, then, the chief source of both esoteric Judaism and esoteric Christianity. But not only has this subtle spirit left the latter religion, under the pressure of worldli- ness and skeptical enquiry it also long ago left Judaism. The modern Hebrews are not Kabalists but Talmudists, holding to the later interpretations of the Mosaic canon : only here and there can we now find a real Kabalist, who knows what is the true religion of his people and whence it was derived.

The real history of Zoroaster and his religion has never been written. The Parsis have lost the key, as the Jews and Christians have lost that of their respective faiths, and as I find the Southern Buddhist have lost that of theirs. They can only quote the opinions of ancient Greek and Koman, or modern German, French, or English writers.

This very day nearly all that yonr most enlightened scholars know about your religion is what they have collated from European sources, and that is almost exclusively about its literature and external forms.

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And see what ridiculous mistakes some of those authorities make at times The Rev. Prideaux, treating of the Sad-der,! He quotes no Zend authority, nothing written by a Parsi, but only Jewish and Christian authorities, such as Philo, Tertullian, and Clement Alexandrinus. And he appointed a man named Andeshan to be the priest and servant of the Fire. The Devil shortly after that spoke out of the midst of the fire as did Jehovah to Moses? He did as he was commanded, and from that time the priests of the Magians practised incest but Andeshan was the first ;.

The above words are simply the dead letter mistranslation of secret doctrine, of which portions are to be found in certain rare old MSS. They are known as the Mesrobian MSS. In one of such old MSS.

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Earth, his mother, to Humanity, his sister and Science, his 9. And example should serve as a warning to your this so-called educated youth against turning up his classical nose at his ancestral religion as unscientific and nonsensical. A curious and sad thing, indeed, it is to see how com pletely old life has gone out of Zoroastrianism. Yet all that Zoroastrianism ever was it might be made again.

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The light still shines, though in darkness, enclosed in the clay vessel of materialism. Whose shall be the holy hand to break the jar of clay and let the hidden glory be seen?

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Where is the Mobed who shall in our day and generation rise to the ancient dignity of his profession, and redeem it from degradation. Ignorant and unlearned as these priests. Ibid, I ask you, men of practical sense, what is the certain fate of a religion that has descended so low that its priests are regarded by the Behedin laity as fit only to be employed in menial services, such as bringing things to you from the bazar, and doing household jobs of work?

What is it? I put it to you. Do you suppose that such a dried corpse will be left long above ground by the fresh and critical minds you are educating at college Nay, do you not see? Yes, the cloud gathers over the fire-altar, the once fragrant wood of Truth is wet with the deadly dews of doubt, a pestilential vapour fills the Atash-Behram, and unless some Regenerator is raised up among you, the name of Zaratusht may, before many genera tions, be known only as that of the Founder of an extinct faith.

In his Preface to the translation of the VendiMd, the learned Dr.

Darmesteter vol. The Avesta and the Veda are two echoes of one and the same voice, the reflex of one and the same thought the Vedas, therefore, :. This he defines as the extreme view of the Vedic scholars, and while personally he does not subscribe to them entirely, he yet holds that we cannot perfectly. Kama , nor Koth, nor any philological critic whose works I have read, has named the true key to Zaratushta s doctrine. For it, we must not search among the dry bones of words. No, it hangs within the door of the Kabalah the Chaldean secret volume, where, under the mask of symbols and misleading phrases, it is kept for the use of the pure searcher after arcane knowledge.

The entire system of ceremonial purifications, which in itself is so perfect that a modern Parsi a friend of mine has remarked that Zoroaster was the best of Health Officers is, as it seems to me, typical of the moral purification required of him who would either, while living, attain the Magian s. The defile ments by touch of various objects that you are warned against, are not visible defilements, like that of the person by contact with but psychic defilements, through the filth, influence of their bad magnetic aura a subtle influence proceeding from certain living organisms and inert sub stances, which antipathetic to development as an Adept.

Thus the Magus or Yozdathraigar , the Yogi, and the Arhat all retire, either to the innermost or topmost chambers of a temple, where no stranger is permitted to enter bringing his impure magnetism with him , to the heart of a forest, a secluded cave, or a mountain height. In the tower of Belus at Babylon, virgin seeresses gazed into magical mirrors and aerolites, to see their prophetic visions ;.

Zara- thushtra got the Avesta on Ushidarina, a mountain by the river Daraga Vendidad, xlix. Moses received the tables of ;. Sakya Muni left no inspired books, but, although he received the illumination of the Buddhaship in the plains, under a Bo-tree, he had.

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The obstructive power of foul human, animal,. This is the true reason why none but initiated and consecrated priests have ever been allowed to step within the precincts of the holiest places. The custom is not at all the offspring of. Even the modern Spiritualists and mesmerists know and the latter, at least, care- this ;. All nature is a compound of conflicting, hence counterbalancing and equilibrating forces. The law of the Universe is a distinct Dualism while the creative at work, and of energy is.

The secret laws of this war of forces are taught in the Chaldean Kabalah. Every neophyte who sets himself to study for initiation is taught these secrets, and he is made to. Zoroastrianism has two sides the open, or patent, and the concealed, or secret. Born out of the mind of a Bactrian seer, it partakes of the nature of the primitive Iranian national religion and of the new.

The Parsis have been charged with being worshippers of the visible fire. This is wholly false. They face the fire, as also they do the sun and the sea, because in them they picture to themselves the hidden Light of Lights, source of all Life, to which they give the name of Ormazd. How well and how is this expressed in the writings of Robert beautifully Fludd, the English mystic of the 17th century see Hargrave Jennings The Rosicrucians, p. Thou hast forgotten what it is or rather thou hast never known. Chemists are silent about it Philosophers talk of it as anatomists discourse of the constitution or the.

But is this all? Is this the sum of that casketed lamp of the human body? Or, in the fabric of this clay lamp [what a beautiful simile! Describe that, ye doctors of physics! Note the goings of the Fire Think that this thing. Think that He is outside of all things and that thou and thy world are only the thing-between ; :. Magi concluding that they saw All in this supernaturally magnificent element fell down and worshipped it making ;.

And mind you, this is the language, not of a Parsi or one of your faith, but of an English scholar who followed the shining. Occult Science is the vindicator of Zoroastrianism, and there is none other.

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Modern physical science is blind herself to spiritual laws and.